chasing phredom

How many have [been] seen,
noted for good fortune
Whom fortune has left,
forgotten, knowing not where
to turn. Who climbs may fall;
be not unaware

Putting a Stop to Fossil Fuels

I see a lot of discussion about the use of fossil fuel energy. Unfortunately, the dialogue is mostly black and white. There are those for and those against. Of those opposing fossil fuels, most reply that we should invest in renewable sources of energy. It sounds like a good idea, but I have yet to hear of a plan that could actually make this happen. That got me thinking, and I have come up with my own idea on how to convert the world’s energy production to renewable resources. (Hint - No democracy can pull it off.)

1) Become a shareholder of an energy company. 

2) Find a visionary leader who (a) has a workable plan to transition the company to using 100% renewable resources, (b) is willing to become CEO, and (c) has an executive team that supports his/her vision.  

3) Lobby the other shareholders en masse to elect a board of directors that support this CEO’s vision. 

4) Do this simultaneously with ALL other major energy companies to create a level playing field and avoid the competition that would otherwise render this move impossible.

Now, seeing as this will never happen, the system will remain in place until it breaks. Unfortunately, that may translate to partial or complete environmental collapse.

Brace yourselves.


I feel compelled to offer some thoughts on the current conflict in Syria. 

It seems that Western media coverage of the conflict has decreased over time. This is so often the case when it’s happening on someone else’s soil. Yet, while I sit here, conflict continues to rage and engulf people’s lives, even if the media makes less mention of it than it did before.

People. It’s easy to forget that these are people when the media presents sides like the “regime” and the “opposition”. One is right. One is wrong. Moral crusaders latch onto this notion (most often seeking to improve their own clout), declaring support for the “good”, condemning the “bad”. They lobby for foreign support and/or intervention, forgetting the one truth about war - no one is right.  

There is nothing cool about war, and it never makes sense. It is the ugliest, most perverse form of human expression. That’s why studying war (like I did for two years) is something that never sat well with me. How does one understand something so entirely $%@!ed up?! What conclusions are to be made of such raw, irrational misery? 

I often lean on something a German ex-military friend said. Talking about Sun Tzu’s famed The Art of War, he remarked, “Is a rabid dog an artist dog?” In other words, there is no art in war because war is crazy. Insanity at its purest.

Something of a rant, I think this is all to say - stop the “analysis”. The situation in Syria, like everywhere, is incomprehensibly complex. As much as you think you’ve got it figured out, you don’t. Solved the problems of a land whose peoples and borders have fluxed over millennia? Ya, ok - and I just found a cure for AIDS. Get real.    

Risk & Research

In order to effectively mitigate potential risk, it is necessary to perform research and then plan accordingly; and yet in my experience with small businesses and organizations, it is amazing that they (the ones who should be the most risk averse and therefore the most pro-research) are in fact the ones who are most hesitant to invest in research. Sadly, hunches often become the bases for decision making, and (as logic has it) business/organizational failure soon follows.   

"We think we should do ‘X’," is not good enough. Before individuals or groups invest $50,000 in an idea, they should first be willing to put $5000 or $10,000 into research that either supports or refutes the existence of that opportunity. If the former is true, that opportunity has only been strengthened. If the latter is true, it’s a lot more palatable to take a $10,000 loss in the beginning than to take one worth $50,000 or more six months down the road. Either way, research supports healthy and accurate decisions and must be budgeted for accordingly.

One’s success is directly related to his/her level of organization.


A brief tribute to the power and importance of design. 

The variety of products in today’s market is unprecedented. So too are the variations of products within their given categories. Not only do consumers have access to testical-refreshing cream and strawberry hullers that double as chicken pluckers, but consumers can choose from a variety of options when it comes to the products they purchase - even the bizarre ones. The task for the producer is to make his/her product stand out. It is design that accomplishes this. 

Design gives nuance and depth to what the producer is trying to sell, both differentiating it from the competition and adding value. Design is the difference between good and great, the difference between something people have and something people talk about. 

If you want to sell and keep selling, invest in design. Shwood Eyewear is a perfect testament to that.  



it’s a whole new world

i’m goin for it


thought I wasn’t serious about that line of apparel thing? 

be the intern:

The Internship

Institutes of “higher learning”, companies, and organizations have somehow convinced people under their influence (aka – everyone) that internships are a pre-requisite for life. As if this was ever a good deal: “Do this work for free and perhaps we can offer you an entry-level position in six months,” or, “You pay us ‘x’ dollars to work here for free and perhaps we can offer you an entry-level position… never.” 

This is especially true in the modern economy. Facing slimmer-than-average margins, companies and organizations are taking full-advantage of neo-slavery and exploiting those desperate to get experience under the guise of “opportunity”. But life is hard and it’s a great time to be an employer. That’s why Phredom Corporation is proud to offer (you guessed it) an internship position!

You don’t need a Masters in Whatever-the-#%*^ to apply. You don’t even need a high-school diploma. When it comes down to it, it really doesn’t matter who you are, what your background is, or where your tattoos are located as long as you embody the company brand, work effectively and efficiently, bring your best, and want to take over the world.

This is why you should apply:

Phredom Corporation is an ambitious start-up company headquartered in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island in Supernatural British Columbia, Canada. Initial offerings include marketing services, educational workshops, apparel (via online and brick and mortar storefronts), and luxury goods. In other words, if you are interested in learning how to build and execute marketing plans, organize and facilitate powerful learning-based events, design and sell lines of apparel, and invest in art and wine then this internship is for you!

Desired assets include:      

  • research experience,
  • excellent communication skills,
  • technical know-how (e.g. photography, Microsoft Office, video-editing, etc),
  • report writing experience,
  • presentation skills,
  • boundless creativity, and most importantly
  • an entrepreneurial spirit

Phredom Corporation emphasizes youthfulness and style, bringing a bold, refreshing, and ultimately savvy approach to its products and services. Remember that. 

Now, here is an email address: 

Convince the owner why you should be Phredom Corporation’s first intern.

You have until Wednesday August 1st.    


“Why join the navy when you can be a pirate?”

Steve Jobs (1955 – 2011)